For the love of toast

I love toast…but with all good things comes moderation. Moderation is key! I also eat gluten free bread, which means moderation is not an option, its all you get. Gluten free bread is usually half the size of normal bread. The bread in this picture is about the size of my palm. Thanks Trader Joe’s bread for the “moderation” help.

Some may find this recipe a bit unique… but sardines on bread is a show stopper for me. If you enjoy uni (sea urchin) on toast, you might find yourself drawn to this recipe.

Sardines have many health benefits: Omega-3, B-12, calcium, iron, potassium, protein.(Read package for sodium amount). Avocado is loaded with heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Try to stick to whole wheat and multigrain toasts, and try to avoid white bread.

I marinate my sardines soaked in olive oil in fresh lemon juice, red pepper flakes, red pepper, garlic salt, and white vinegar. I add avocado on toasted bread. Then put the marinated sardines on top. ENJOY!



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